Lucie Rosettes - ručně dělané kokardy - výroba roset


Are you looking for the most appropriate form for promotion
of your kennel club, beliefs, hobbies, work, etc.?
In this case, the buttons (badges) is the best choice for you!
Buttons can be clipped anywhere - from the back side has a metal pin clasp.
Only the appearance of buttons according to your suggestions!
Need to help with design? Never mind, completely FREE you can create your choice!

At the moment I make buttons with these diameters:
44 mm:
1 - 1000 pcs = 0,50 €

58 mm:
1-1000 pcs = 1 €

If you are interested in different diameter pancakes, or more than 1,000 copies,
please contact me and realize your wishes as soon as possible;)

handmade rosettes

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